Every detail of our interior is aimed at enabling you to have fully relaxation and surrender yourself to the incredible sensations. Forget about grey streets, rush and monotony of routine days. Candles’ light are romantically trembling, water in a large Jacuzzi is seething with a quiet murmur, and you and a shapely girl with wet skin, on which playful glares are dancing, are immersing into endless bliss…

Welcome to the salon "RELAX MASSAGE", dear Guest!

Advantages of our salon

Large choice of massage programs

24 massage programs, each of them is unique

Cozy atmosphere

Subdued lighting, candles, incense, relaxing music

We work 24 hours a day

Without holidays and weekends

Charming masseuse

All girls are sexy, well-groomed and pleasant to talk to. Real photo on the website

Bachelor party

There is a possibility to rent the whole salon for the bachelor party

The service of calling for a taxi

The service of calling for a sober driver

Complete privacy

Our guests do not meet each other in the salon. Photo and Videotaping is prohibited

Hydrotherapeutic procedure

Our salon has five rooms equipped with showers and Jacuzzi

Everything for home comfort

Disposable underwear and slippers

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Salon Dяgilev men's club

Moscow Ostozhenka Str., 7



About us

Are you dreaming to have a great relax without having sexual contact? Welcome to the erotic massage salon Dяgilev men's club! Experienced girls, barely touching your body with their sensitive fingers will make your masculinity tremble with excitement. There definitely won’t be outright sex, but the enjoyment and even full-fledged orgasm is guaranteed to every man! Our charming masseuses will easily immerse you in languid relaxation of magnificent massage for men, giving the marvelously pleasant atmosphere of relaxation and refined intimacy to each client.


We do not provide intimate services - «Even bumps on the floor« and not for all the money in the world! We do not provide services to persons under the age of 18. Shower before the massage is a must. It is not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages and drugs. It is not allowed to bring firearms, gas spray gun and cold steel for security purposes.